A Predator's Obsession


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Reviewed by pmtelefon 7

I watched this movie under the title "A Predator's Obsession". Under either title, it's a pretty good movie. It is, however, a little rougher than usual. I'm not complaining. It's just that I was a little surprised at the amount violence. The cast is fine and they all do a nice job. The story took a couple of turns that I did not expect. The locations were great. I plan on driving to check out Niantic, CT this summer. It's only a couple of hours away and the area looks really nice in "A Predator's Obsession". Honorable mention: a dreamy Sarah Wisser.

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Reviewed by omendata 5

The shark attack scenes are very disappointing and the script is a bit lacklustre but what makes the entire movie standout is the superlative acting and performance from Houston Stevenson - Surely a star in the making, he carries the entire movie and makes what would otherwise be a tame Paramount WET Sunday afternoon movie into something a lot more interesting!

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Reviewed by psxexperten 1

Who made this garbage?This is the worst movie of all time !Acting terrible. Story terrible. SFX terrible. Amusement factor Zero.As enjoyable as getting teeth pulledIf you can find anything exciting or even mildly interesting in this $25 budget movie, you must be living a really dull life. Like watching paint dry.Please stop making crap like this anymore and actually put some thought into what you are producing.Honestly don't understand what's up with all the great reviews. Are they paid?

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