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Reviewed by Matija Trost 9/10

And certainly one of the most underrated pictures on IMDB. Why? Beats me,since this is one of the best performances from Costner &amp; Eastwood. Not tomention the others.<br><br>Maybe it's the movie a little bit slow at start, but soon we get too see astrong character development, what leads us to the grand finale, where wecheer for the outlaw and his little &quot;partner&quot; (also very good performance byT.J. Lowther). The ending is undoubtedly one of the most touching in thehistory of cinema.<br><br>All in all, Costner did great both as director and actor and he had awinning hand picking up co-actors and screen &amp; music writers. Plus, he madethis movie in the nineties era, one of the best, if not the best forHollywood movies. <br><br>That's for it's just pure classic. Just like the Texas landscape where itwas taken.<br><br>9 out of 10.

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Reviewed by tarryrob 8/10

Some aspects of this film work better than others, but overall A PERFECTWORLD is a highly watchable film. Kevin Costner delivers a fineperformanceas escaped convict Butch Haynes. The film primarily focuses on therelationship between Haynes and an innocent 8 year old boy named Phillipwhom he kidnaps and befriends (well played by TJ Lowther). Haynes haskilledtwo people thus far and gives the impression of a being a loose cannon,butEastwood evokes sympathy for the character as the audience learns aboutHaynes troubled childhood (raised without a father by a prostitutemother -killed a man by the age of 8) and observe his genuine care and concern forthe boy. Their relationship is reminiscent of Allan Ladd and the young boyin SHANE. As he slowly feeds us more information about Hayne's history,andlets the audience wrestle with its ambivalent feelings towards Costner'scharacter, Eastwood keeps the film moving with lots of close brushes withthe law, car chases and shoot'em ups.<br><br>Where the film doesn't work quite is when Eastwood himself is in front ofthe camera, playing a minor role - Chief Red Garnett - a Texas Rangerwho'sin charge of Haynes' capture. The primary function of his character, andLaura Dern's (who plays Sally Gerber - a criminologist the Governor forcesupon the Chief) in the script is to supply further information aboutHaynes'past. Unfortunately, Eastwood tries to flesh out the relationship betweenthese characters through antagonistic chauvinist attitudes towards Gerberand creating a power struggle between the two which (big surprise!) overthecourse of the film, gradually leads to a mutual respect between them!Granted Eastwood and Dern have marquee value - especially Eastwood, arefinein their roles, and, of course, chauvinism was alive and well in 1960'sTexas, but I mostly found these minor subplots annoying and unnecessary.It's the scenes and issues focusing on Costner's character that are thelifeblood of this picture. This criticism aside, Eastwood does a solid jobdirecting, weaving action, suspense and thought provoking human drama intoawell knit weave and Costner delivers one of the best acting performancesofhis career.<br><br>7 1/2 out of 10<br><br>

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Reviewed by MovieLuvaMatt 9/10

Kevin Costner's career has been in a downward spiral (to say the least) overrecent years. Now it seems like even people who admired him at first aresuddenly forfeiting their compliments and jumping on the bandwagon, alongwith the rest of the Costner haters. Well, I'm not gonna jump on thatbandwagon. This movie is sheer proof that Costner is a wonderful actorcapable of playing characters of multiple dimensions. Here, he's given thechallenge of playing a likable villain, without having us forget that he hascriminal tendencies. I'm not condoning criminals, but do you honestly thinkevery criminal in the world is a cold-blooded motherf***er with not a singlescruple? They're human beings like everyone else, only they choose to livedishonest lives. In other words, the easy way out--at least that's whatthey think. <br><br>Costner played a completely one-dimensional villain in &quot;3,000 Miles toGraceland,&quot; but it was fitting to the tone of that film, which plays outlike a comic book fantasy. His character of Butch is much more realistic,and his main scruple is treating children like dirt. He himself was treatedlike dirt as a child, and whenever he sees mothers or fathers do the same totheir children, he goes nuts and sometimes homicidal. A very interestingcharacter, which Costner plays to absolute perfection. <br><br>I have a theory about movies. Whenever you have an adult story (excludingchildren's and family-oriented material) involving a child in a major role,the movie often turns out either good or great. This one turned out great. Good movies come more often than you think. Great movies don't come quitethat often. A real motion picture experience is when you get lost in thestory to the point where you feel you're right there with the characters,and not sitting on your couch watching these characters on a TV screen. This is one of those experiences. <br><br>The film is totally character-driven, which also appeals to me. It took mea journey through the lives of Butch and the young boy. I felt a deepconnection to each of them. The ending had me pouring with tears. <br><br>I have to give it up for Clint Eastwood, who usually scores behind and infront of the camera. The film runs a little over 2 hours, but when you havesolid characters like these the time flies by in a snap. Hell, &quot;CorkyRomano&quot; was under 90 minutes long and I may as well as have been watching itfor 10 hours. The most powerful scene, in my opinion, is when Butch and theboy stay over the home of the black slave. Butch sees the way the fatherphysically abuses his son, and goes to the extent of tying him down to acouch. He then forces the father to say &quot;I love you&quot; to his son, like hereally means it. <br><br>&quot;A Perfect World&quot; is a film I'll never forget, and I'm so damn glad I spentmy 14.99 to purchase the DVD. I have only one very minor complaint: theguy who plays Philip overacts like crazy in a cartoonish performance. <br><br>My score: 9 (out of 10)<br><br>

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