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It is tempting to try not to criticize a film such as this, dealing with the issue of a father molesting his daughter - one of the most horrible things a man could do to his child. To add to this, if it weren&#39;t enough, it turns out the guilty father (Robert Urich) and the suffering mother (Meredith Baxter) were both victims of molestation as youngsters themselves. <br/><br/>However -- despite the subject matter, this is a bad movie. Urich and Baxter are attractive people, and their work in active careers has been credible if not remarkable. I do not see how, based upon the way this story was presented, anyone could feel an iota of sympathy for either. Urich died not long after the film&#39;s release, from cancer which he had battled for some time - and the whimpering, lethargic performance can probably be in part blamed upon the physical and emotional real-life problems he was encountering. Birney has played many roles of women riddled with angst, some due to persons menacing or otherwise mistreating her characters - and some where her character has been a raging sociopath. Her scenes with the therapist were weak - on the part of both characters - and did little to enlighten or portray a realistic therapeutic benefit to her in any way. Although Urich&#39;s &quot;Jack&quot; was already aware of his childhood tribulations, Meredith&#39;s &quot;Carol&quot; became aware of hers late in the presentation, as a result of the inevitable &quot;dream,&quot; and then dialog with her widowed mother (Diane Ladd). Incidentally, the latter was a thoroughly selfish, unfeeling individual, and while apparently not physically abusive, would otherwise rate behind Joan Crawford in a Mother-of-the Year contest. And even the &quot;revalations&quot; gained from the therapist and mother were presented in a thoroughly unengaging manner.<br/><br/>The daughter, Tess, played by the attractive young Shawna Waldron, gave a decent performance, but one imagines it was less than it could have been, based upon the other characters/performances/story presentation. The scene towards the end where Ulrich is alone in the house with her (before Birney arrives, incensed about this), where he delivers a monologue with an attempt to gain some father/daughter rapprochement, is perhaps even weaker than the 1-3/4 hours which preceded it.<br/><br/>All-in-all, while the producers obviously felt they were providing a credible presentation of an important subject - they missed their mark by the proverbial &quot;mile.&quot;

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