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Reviewed by jacksflicks 9/10

This is film is a rare commodity as a Hollywood product - a wonderful&quot;little&quot; film. By little, I mean unpretentious. Perhaps this is becauseFrank Capra had a talent for telling inspirational, uplifting or &quot;message&quot;stories without seeming to preach. We all know the Ralph Cramden character- the botched hero with &quot;high hopes&quot;. This is Frank Sinatra's Tony Maneta.Unlike Jimmy Stewart's George Bailey in Capra's &quot;It's a Wonderful Life,&quot;Tony Maneta isn't beset by problems circumstantial so much as personal.Yet, whether the antagonist is an ungrateful world or a character flaw,Capra and playwright/screenwriter Arnold Schulman recognize the abidingnobility of the human spirit's determination to overcome theodds.<br><br>I love the setting in &quot;Hole in the Head&quot;. It's a treat to see South MiamiBeach during a period when formerly glamorous hotels had gone to seed,knowing that they would one day rise again. I don't think anyone wouldhavegiven them a chance at the time of the story, just like Tony Maneta'sprospects. But &quot;Hole in the Head&quot; makes us want to believe, that just bysurviving, like South Beach, Tony will one day triumph.<br><br>By the way, there's a wonderful performance by the underappreciated EddieHodges, whose minor billing is unjustified, considering his character'smajor part in the story.

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Reviewed by ivan beshkov ([email protected])

I keep saying that Hollywood can't go wrong when it picks a PLAY as thebasis for movies. This film is one more illustration of the correctness ofthis thesis. It's full of charm, humor, warmth, relevance and STRUCTURE. Itdoesn't seek to impress, just to please. And pleasing is no meanaccomplishment. <br><br>The subject is taboo in most movies: economic dependence on relatives. Inmost movies money is no object, a purely tangential issue, when in fact itplays a huge role in real life. Sinatra plays a &quot;loser&quot;, and to make himless despicable, he is adorned with a lovely young son. I find that a bittoo manipulative, as if the writer weren't sure that a childless &quot;loser&quot;would be likable enough. Sinatra is very good in the role, but I would havepicked an unknown actor, to make the role more believable. And, wonderful asEddie Hodges always is, I think a childless &quot;loser&quot; would have been morepoignant.<br><br>I liked the ending very much. It is happy, but not in the trite and trivialway. The main character does NOT overcome his limitations! This film is inthe wonderful tradition of &quot;Harvey&quot;, which also deals with an embarrassingfamily member. I can't recommend both films highly enough.<br><br>

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Reviewed by gee-15

I had never seen this movie before renting it the other night and wassurprised to see it was directed by Frank Capra. Once I watched it, Iwasn't surprised anymore. This was a wonderful film driven by charactersrather than plot devices and an example of vintage Capra.<br><br>The performances are what make the film. Frank Sinatra was great as aself-centered dreamer with a new idea every minute and some method ofworking the system. The guy's a heel but he still manages to keep oursympathy. Edward G. Robinson is hilarious as his much-put-upon brother whois constantly making social gaffes and never figures out how to sit in thatrocking chair! Despite the fact that his character is a comic figure, thereare some scenes of real poignancy between him and Sinatra. The everreliable Thelma Ritter is also very funny as Robinson's caring and weepywife. Eleanor Parker! Wow! I never saw her look so good. There wasn'tenough of her in this film but perhaps that's when you know a charactersucceeds, when you wish to see more of them. Her gentle elegance was aperfect contrast to Carolyn Jones' character's unabashed self-absorption. And Eddie Hodges was perfect as the boy old beyond his years who stubbornlyloves his father no matter what.<br><br>And the ending is happy (Hey, it's a Capra film!)without resorting to anyschmaltzy plot devices.<br><br>It was well worth my time.

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