A Haunting on Brockway Street


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Reviewed by joshuarittenhouse 8

Of all the junk out there, this I've is pretty good. They don't go overboard and don't over sell it. It's a great watch. I've seen them all with my wife and we need more. Not too many haunting asked worth watching. This one is.

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Reviewed by nancylmarine 2

I love, love, love paranormal shows, but the instant I saw Steve Gonsalves was part of this, I shut it off.<br/><br/>He&#39;s not a real ghost hunter. He&#39;s just a guy riding the coat tails of P.T. Barnum. Oops, I mean Jason Hawes.<br/><br/>Not even worth watching since no one credible is in this.

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Reviewed by shailosweetkittycat 2

The worst part of this is the monotoned, lengthy speeches these people give to the ghosts... It&#39;s brutal to listen to the long winded, babbling.... Paused and restarted again (very scripted) b.s., it just goes on and on, with no real evidence. Its cheesy and fake.

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