A Haunting on Brockway Street


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Reviewed by toriala 2

The evidence they claim to have is vague and inconclusive. There are more than just two people on their team and any one of them could slam doors or make footstep noises. I would like to actually see them investigate the noises they hear instead of just talking about it and then cutting to something else. They don't seem very surprised by any of the thumps or door slamming that happens. This, in my opinion, is an "investigation" trying to be a TV show or movie. I've seen better footage of investigations on YouTube.

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Reviewed by n_pietrzyk 2

In a nut shell your getting 2 hours and 10 minutes of fake ghost hunting with 0 excitement no climax and no resolve.. how anybody could enjoy this is beyond me

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Reviewed by bbbalson 10

I see all the low ratings because people think the show is staged and one person even said "vague" evidence and I have to think people don't realize that all of the shows in this series are a conglomeration of their complete investigation which spans months, even up to a year, in the location. This is not your weekly tv show where they spend one night, two if you're lucky, and make a decision. The evidence they collect is always pretty shocking because of the time they spend in each location. So I suppose that if I wanted to watch a show like this and the evidence put before on film would alter the way I had to think about the universe and my surroundings I would call it fake, vague, staged and even fugazi, too. Lucky for me I am not so naive about the afterlife. All that being said, other than the first couple "A Haunting on ...." (where they weren't as experienced at presenting their evidence) the series presents some of the most shocking evidence of hauntings I have seen on a consistent basis from a show. This episode (for lack of a better term) does not disappoint. I suggest watching it with a very open mind as it will test some people's belief systems but if you can you will enjoy it.

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