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Greetings again from the darkness. Donald Trump is the closest thing we have to a real life Snidely Whiplash. He is fascinating and entertaining in his arrogance, and the poster child of evil for the 99-percenters. Documentarian Anthony Baxter delivers a follow-up to his award-winning 2011 documentary You&#39;ve Been Trumped, and this time we get the face-to-face showdown between Trump and Baxter ? though it&#39;s quite brief.<br/><br/>Baxter revisits Trump&#39;s Menie Estate development in Aberdeenshire, Scotland and in the process catches up any viewer who missed the first film, while also exploring planned development on the last remaining natural state land in the area. The film&#39;s best segment focuses on an unrelated planned development (golf and luxury homes) in the Heritage area of Dubrovnik in Croatia. We see the real struggle of the &quot;little guys&quot; as they fight back against corporate greed and civic corruption. The third segment involves New Jersey, and the key point seems to be that Don Trump Jr is every bit as annoying and arrogant as his father.<br/><br/>Baxter&#39;s film is loosely structured, but certainly raises some interesting points about how the wealthy can abuse their power at the expense of ecology, history, and the huddled masses. Drought conditions on SRD in Dubrovnik? No worries ? we will just buy enough water to keep the fairways green and putting surfaces plush. One of the local farms not quaint enough? No worries ? we will just berm the perimeter and cutoff the resident&#39;s access to the seashore. We also see the corruption of local leaders and local government. It&#39;s especially disheartening in Dubrovnik as the locals gain 11,000 signatures to force a referendum, only to be steamrolled by the Mayor.<br/><br/>The sit down interview with Trump and Baxter is somewhat of a letdown, but it does feature two men who believe strongly in their views. One could walk away from the film with a feeling of helplessness, but in reality, it provides a hopeful message for strength in numbers and fighting for what one believes in.

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