A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court


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Reviewed by bkoganbing 9

I understand that Paramount wanted to film this with the Rodgers and Hart score, but couldn&#39;t work out the copyright problems, so Burke and Van Heusen who wrote the between them the most songs for Bing Crosby contributed a very nice score.<br/><br/>I read Leonard Maltin saying that this movie, &quot;fit Crosby like a glove&quot; and I couldn&#39;t have put it better. No, it&#39;s not Mark Twain&#39;s satire, it&#39;s a Bing Crosby film and in 1949 Crosby was the most bankable star in Hollywood. For once Paramount used technicolor and Rhonda Fleming was never lovelier on the screen. This was a woman that technicolor was invented for.<br/><br/>William Bendix&#39;s Brooklyn origins kinda stand out, but it&#39;s to a good comic effect. The trio of Crosby, Bendix, and Sir Cedric Hardwicke have a rollicking good time with Busy Doing Nothing. Bing has one of his patented upbeat philosophical numbers with If You Stub Your Toe On The Moon.<br/><br/>The third song he sings Once and For Always by himself and with Rhonda Fleming. That song was nominated for best song, but lost to Baby It&#39;s Cold Outside. <br/><br/>Nice also that Bing managed to record the score for Decca with Rhonda Fleming and Bendix and Hardwicke.<br/><br/>One thing I like about this film is that it shows Crosby&#39;s comic talents without Bob Hope. I like the Road pictures, but Bing was a comic talent onto himself and this film better demonstrates than any other.<br/><br/>This is Crosby at the top of his game.

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Reviewed by lora64 7

This movie is humorous, charming, and easily becomes a favorite for those who enjoy light entertainment. Hollywood is hardly the place for serious history lessons so I simply accept it as is. Bing, in his usual inimitable style, performs quite well as the blacksmith, Hank Martin, who by accident is transported back to another age, the time of King Arthur. The beautiful Rhonda Fleming is breathtaking as Alisande, or Sandy, the object of Hank&#39;s affections although she is betrothed to the brave and formidable Sir Lancelot, played by Henry Wilcoxon.<br/><br/>I just love that episode when King Arthur (Cedric Hardwicke), Sir Sagramore (Wm. Bendix), and Hank (Bing Crosby) dress up in tattered clothing and take to the high road with their knapsacks to experience the kingdom at firsthand. King Arthur&#39;s comment, &quot;I say, we are not alone&quot; while giving his scruffy garments a good scratch, is one of those hilarious moments in the film. William Bendix&#39;s portrayal is superbly ridiculous, not to mention his attempts at quaint &quot;ye Olde English.&quot; <br/><br/>The story is not deep but it&#39;s well done in my opinion and I enjoy it more each time I see it. It&#39;s great family entertainment too.

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Reviewed by JohnHowardReid 10

Stylishly directed, picturesquely photographed and brilliantly acted ? Crosby&#39;s interpretation seems exactly right, Hardwicke has his best role ever, while Bendix is a treat too ? this Yankee&#39;s appeal is universal and irresistible.<br/><br/>One of the principal joys of the movie, of course, are the songs. As might be expected, Bing is in fine voice. And although Hardwicke&#39;s solo has been cut, we can still hear him sing heartily as he dances merrily with Crosby and Bendix in their famous novelty number, &quot;Busy Doing Nothing&quot;. It&#39;s also a treat to hear Rhonda Fleming, who, although she enjoyed an extensive stage and concert career as a singer, was rarely given a chance to be heard in the cinema. She has a lovely voice that more than matches her ravishing looks?and she looks very fetching indeed in her Mary Kay Dodson costumes.<br/><br/>Director Tay Garnett gets the most out of his lavish budget, using all the resources at his command to present every fabulous scene as effectively as possible. (Perhaps the eclipse looks a trifle too contrived, but who&#39;s complaining?) <br/><br/>In short, as the trailer actually describes, an entertainment delight from start to finish.

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