A Christmas Wedding Date


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Reviewed by ulara 2

I have watched a lot of Christmas movies in the last month and honestly this was one of the worst so far; I can't believe the rather well known cast members agreed to be in it. It is basically a very poorly done remake of Groundhog Day. The characters were barely developed and I didn't care about any of them. So much of this movie was just plain stupid and annoying, from the miscast lead, to the way-too-good-looking ex boyfriend, to the undeveloped plot, to the unanswered questions. The causes for the behaviors of the characters were never even explained, just a lot of vague innuendo...what a mess. Basically I wish I had the two hours back.

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Reviewed by JamieWJackson 5

I love Marla Sokoloff, and the cast is all nicely chosen here, but the script and the directing just leave something to be desired. The entire affair feels gauzy, which isn&#39;t a surprise for a Hallmark movie, but underneath that there should still be some substance. In this case it just feels like they started with a mood they wanted to create and half-heartedly filled in whatever would produce that mood, without working much on details like whether any of it made sense. (Lots of it does, but there are some head-scratchers too.)<br/><br/>Honestly, it felt like a sleepwalk, emotionally. The key revelations which play a central part in the story barely made any emotional impact at all on the people involved. So the chance for some real acting to intrude on our gauze-fest was mostly wasted -- just about entirely wasted, in the case of the revelation about the past history of the main characters. Shame.<br/><br/>Still, it wasn&#39;t a bad way to spend a little time, if you like this kind of sappy movie. There are some fun moments, and I never get tired of watching Marla. 5/10 for me.

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Reviewed by Jackbv123 6

This movie felt like someone said &quot;how can we copy Groundhog Day&quot; and yet be different. Walking down the street before the wedding had the same feel as GHD but with different people and events. Learning new talents - again, same feel, but different talents. Same with doing good deeds. I absolutely love GHD as shown by how often I&#39;ve watched it.<br/><br/>Like Bill Murray&#39;s Phil, Rebecca was obnoxious and even a bit mean. But she wasn&#39;t the only one so the annoying meter was dialed up a bit high. Yet there were a number of funny moments. And of course a love story. I thought the ending was a bit anticlimactic albeit necessary.<br/><br/>Having said all that, the movie isn&#39;t as bad as some people have made it out to be. If it didn&#39;t so blatantly plagiarize GHD, I would probably give it a 7 or 8. It&#39;s watchable. This is actually a revision of my original review and I appreciated my second watching more than the first.

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