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Reviewed by JoshSpurling 7

Ralphie obsesses over what he wants for Christmas, doesn&#39;t get it, then gets it after all. He says, &quot;Oh Fudge!&quot;, wears an embarrassing animal costume, isn&#39;t able to have turkey for Christmas, and eats at the Chop Suey Palace. Mrs. Parker overdresses Randy for the cold weather. The Old Man yells &#39;It&#39;s a clinker!&#39; fights the furnace, and gets a leg lamp. And, of course, Flick gets his tongue stuck to something.<br/><br/>You may think I&#39;m talking about A Christmas Story, but sadly this is also the description for the completely unnecessary sequel, A Christmas Story 2. Clearly, there is no attempt made here to capture the magic of the original, only a blatant attempt to cash in on its success by recycling all its funny moments and adding tired family movie formulas. At one point, Ralphie blurts out what I&#39;m sure the entire audience is already thinking, &quot;Oh no! Not again!&quot; It could easily have been the tag line for the movie posters.<br/><br/>Despite all this, A Christmas Story 2 is certainly not as bad as it could have been, considering the current family movie genre&#39;s obsession with vomit and flatulence. If you&#39;re just feeling a bit nostalgic for A Christmas Story, A Summer Story and Ollie Hopnoodle&#39;s Haven of Bliss are far better sequels with fresh material, though they, too, pale in comparison to the original classic.

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Reviewed by OX_Bigly 1

It&#39;s a direct to video sequel of a famous well established film that was released 29 years after the original. If any of that sounds like a good idea I have a bridge to sell you.<br/><br/>This should be warning enough that this movie will suck big time.<br/><br/>The only reason this film was made is because you can get the first film for under $10 and newer DVD/Blu-Rays cost more. They are trying to cash in on the first film by giving you similar scenes in this &quot;new&quot; film. Personally I would like to see more stories from the book it was based on.<br/><br/>This movie deserves to have a bar of Life Buoy taped in it&#39;s mouth and forced to wear pink bunny footie pajamas for the rest of it&#39;s life.

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Reviewed by jamesmccormack 1

Here&#39;s proof that you can not go home again . This film is totally heartless and soulless....so pale in comparison to the original which has evolved into a modern day classic. There is good reason this film went straight to video. Please do not waste your money on it. I had a cheap rent from amazon.com. I thought it might cheer me up ...having the flu and all.<br/><br/>Back is our Ralphie now at 15 and he wants a car for Christmas. The old man will not spend 40 cents per pound for a turkey so he is involved in some subplot to catch a fish for Christmas dinner. Part of the problem with this video is the incredible number of subplots...each more uninteresting as the others; including a candy cane fight at Higbee&#39;s, a Santa who walks out on the job, poor Randy getting dressed up in tons of layers to go outside, and a love interest for Ralphie. Even the &quot;leg lamp&quot; shows up for an encore.<br/><br/>A Christmas Story 2 looks like one of those made for TV films on SYFY or Lifetime. The sets are cardboard...but then again so is the acting. It makes &quot;The Santa Clause 3 and 4 look like art films. Costumes are barely period. I dare you...I double dog dare you...to watch the preview. You will see exactly what I mean. <br/><br/>Someone was out to make a buck. But then, that is what Christmas is all about.

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