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Reviewed by phd_travel 4

This movie could have been lots of fun. Given the premise of making fun of a typical Hallmark type Christmas movie there was potential. But it didn&#39;t get that funny. The 2 sisters sound silly at times. And things actually end up like a boring done to death Christmas movie. There was no magic like a Groundhog Day type fantasy.<br/><br/>The cast includes real life spouses Brant Daugherty and Kim Hidalgo. He is better when not acting cutesy. Don&#39;t get how the fantasy and reality blended together.

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Reviewed by ronbokirk 1

I am in no way connected or related to anyone in this film, so I am free to be truthful about it. It has all the elements for a 10 star Christmas movie except one.It has absolutely no story. In spite of great actors, great location, great directing the plot was the worst I have seen in years. No real humor, no chemistry between the stars, just cliche after cliche after cliche and no story to connect them. Definitely not worth the time.

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Reviewed by cptocco 10

I love the premise of this movie .it pokes fun at other christmas movies for being so perfect and predictable and even though it follows the same type of story line as many other Christmas movies it delivers a great plot, characters, and it being filmed in Frankenmuth Mi made it more enjoyable

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