A Bridesmaid in Love


Comedy / Romance

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Reviewed by Jackbv123 6

The story borrows from so many formula elements. Cate calls herself a Professional Bridesmaid, but she is basically a wedding planner. She gets thrown together with the best man, or guy who had a crush on her in high school, to bring the wedding together at the last minute. Somehow combine that with Cate being a writer given an assignment for a wedding magazine. Meanwhile Cate&#39;s current boyfriend is a totally insensitive narcissist who asks for a break. But of course you know he doesn&#39;t go away completely. There&#39;s the big Misunderstanding which reminded me of Birthday Wish.<br/><br/>The acting is poor to bad by everyone except Tori Anderson and Lucie Guest. Guest outclasses everyone else by a mile as far as ability to act. Anderson is OK, but she has it going for her that she is perfect as the sweet and upbeat leading lady. Sean Poague, like some of the other actors, seems like he is trying too hard. I didn&#39;t see much chemistry with Anderson.<br/><br/>The dialogue has a few moments, but it&#39;s mostly average.<br/><br/>I love how all the movies of this type seem to think that all women can fit in the same size dresses. There&#39;s a scene where Cate walks up to Maxine&#39;s closet obviously several inches taller than her and then tries on a half dozen of her outfits that seem to fit perfectly. And we won&#39;t even talk about body type.<br/><br/>I will probably watch most movies with Anderson as a lead because she is appealing in looks and personality. Lucie Guest is always solid. But this movie was a disappointment in almost every other way.

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Reviewed by JazzCat64 8

Tori, the female lead of this movie always provide good movies because of her presence and that smile. Absolutely Beautiful! However, they need to start giving her better male leads and scripts. Are people really that na?ve with leaving prior to hearing the whole story while eavesdropping. Why are writers so lazy because a good percentage of this story was good.

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Reviewed by rupe-90197 6

Main character is very likable but not much chemistry with male counterpart. Some inconsistencies like...asking her to be the maid of honor the day before the wedding, and she just happens to have the perfect dress; supposed to be a big wedding at large venue but decide to have it in the backyard at the last minute...would still have to pay for venue at that point...also a lot fewer people in the backyard; they just happened to remake the wedding dress the night before without the bride ever trying it on! And it was cold enough you could see their breath at the reception when they talked while they are all in summer clothes. Makes it impossible to really enjoy the movie.

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