A Belle for Christmas


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Reviewed by inkblot11 8

Glenn (Dean Cain) is a widower who lost his lovely wife in a car accident about a year ago. He and his three children are doing okay, amid some tearful memories. What the kids want most is a puppy and they see a great one at an adoption event, where beautiful Kate (Hayley Duff) urges the family to give Belle a permanent home. Dad says no. This is mostly for two reasons. Glenn is afraid his kids will forget their responsibilities once the newness of a puppy has worn off. But, more importantly, Dad has just started seeing a lady, Dani (Kristy Swanson) who is mighty particular about order. Nonetheless, Belle finds a home with Glenn's family, even when Dani turns out to be allergic to doggy fur. Thee three kids are so happy with their pet, healing their hears another notch from their tragedy. But, they underestimate Dani. She wants Glenn to herself, mostly, and she is not going to tolerate this furball long. Will she really try to kick this puppy out of his new home, by devious methods? Well, she might give it a whirl. This darling new Holiday film is for anytime, anywhere, any family. Cain is the Supreme King of family films at the moment while Swanson is a laugh riot as the snooty Dani. Duff and all of the other actors do very nicely. Then, too, Belle the puppy is adorable, while costumes, sets, script, and direction make for one great family flick. Belle-y up to the DVD outlets and get this one pronto.

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Reviewed by TeeBoned 2

I was trapped by family pressure and had to sit through this nightmare of a movie last Christmas. Dean Cain was a widower who&#39;d lost his wife, with some kids, and they were just trying to make it through life. This was about as far as I was able to pay attention; the acting was deeply terrible and the writing was painfully obvious and cliche-ridden, obliterating my ability to follow the insulting and trite storyline.<br/><br/>There&#39;s plenty of great Christmas movies out there that are genuine and enjoyable. This is NOT one of them.

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Reviewed by bradharvey72 1

This movie is awful. How can anyone say this is good? The acting of awful. The writing is awful. The cinematography is awful. I would rather watch an Asylum movie.

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