A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood


Biography / Drama

IMDb Rating 7.5


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Reviewed by bellasings-47917 10

I&#39;m going to be honest, I was skeptical of this movie from the start, but boy am I glad I was wrong. I have adored Mister Rogers since I was a young girl &amp; I didn&#39;t like the idea of someone else playing him. But Tom Hanks truly embodied Fred&#39;s spirit &amp; presence to the point where I almost forgot it wasn&#39;t Mister Rogers!<br/><br/>This movie used so many small moments in big ways that were gut-wrenching &amp; raw. It makes you feel seen &amp; exposed in a way that is humbling. Mr. Rogers has always inspired me to grow &amp; become the best version of myself possible &amp; I&#39;m ecstatic that A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood does his name justice. Truly a joy to behold.

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Reviewed by Jakarejo 9

The most powerful 60 seconds in cinematic history.The deafening roar of silence.

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Reviewed by pawarankita 10

This is the exact movie we all need to watch right now about forgiveness and compassion. I absolutely loved it. It was just so so good. Both Mathew and Tom both deserve Oscar recognition for their phenomenal performance. I truly recommend this movie for everyone. It makes you think about yourself.

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