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Reviewed by williamgway 9

Wow. Very nicely crafted documentary about how, in a war torn country, life can prevail through the simplest of sports/hobbies. In this case skateboarding in Amman. Skateboarding is s bridge between those who might not be willing to share the same space as adults, and tells this lesson nicely. Good doc. Worth a watch.

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Reviewed by lindapalmer 10

I really enjoyed this movie and highly recommend it. It turned out to be much more powerful than I had originally thought and I was moved by the common thread giving each of them hope in their skating community. Something for all ages and very informative about the plight of the people living in Amman and the artistic community accepting others and encouraging their originality and dreams.

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Reviewed by ueprod 10

This work captures a true look at skateboarding culture in a place you wouldn't necessarily think to find it. This sport brings positivity and structure to people's lives globally. This movie is well shot and has a good soundtrack. I highly recommend to anyone interested in skate culture or a good documentary!

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