$5 a Day (Five Dollars a Day)


Comedy / Drama

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Reviewed by gradyharp 10/10

It seems like every year or so the cinema comes out with a &#x27;road movie&#x27;- an extended revelation of character deficiencies and nobilitiesplayed out on the open road (such as &#x27;La Strada&#x27;, &#x27;Easy Rider&#x27;, &#x27;Thelmaand Louise&#x27;, &#x27;About Schmidt&#x27;, &#x27;Motorcycle Diaries&#x27;, &#x27;The Adventures ofFelix&#x27;, &#x27;Central Station&#x27; etc). They usually do well at the box officeas a type of catharsis for the audience. That &#x27;$5 A DAY&#x27;, given anexcellent script by writing team Neal and Tippi Dobrofsky, a directorwith the comic timing such as Nigel Cole, and one of the finest groomedcasts around, wasn&#x27;t a major hit is puzzling. Timing, I suppose, but atleast we have the great opportunity to see this little jewel of a movieon DVD. By all means pay attention. <br><br>Richie Flynn Parker (the gem of an actor Allesandro Nivola who can playcomedy as well as he handles drama) is unhappy: he is a conservativeHealth inspector of restaurants - fired when his police record isuncovered (he had taken the wrap for one of his father&#x27;s capers),married to Maggie (Amanda Peet) who is leaving him because he nevercommunicates about who he really is, and discovers a letter from hisgallivanting grifter huckster father Nat Parker (Christopher Walken ina pitch perfect comedic role) who claims he is dying from a brain tumorand needs a ride to New Mexico for a special treatment. Because Flynn&#x27;slife is such a mess he consents to go and he and his father set out ina &#x27;Sweet and Low&#x27; advertising little auto. Nat shows how he can live on$5 a day by sleeping in empty homes, pulling shenanigans to get freefood, entry into parties (Dean Cain plays an &#x27;old acquaintance&#x27;), andmoney and gas. The two spar about why Nat was never there for Flynn,how their relationship is broken, and gradually Flynn discovers therealities of his background - realities he nightly shares on voicemailto his wife Maggie. Along the way the two make stops including a visitto Flynn&#x27;s previous babysitter Dolores (Sharon Stone, better thanever!), a woman who knows how to bolster Nat&#x27;s morale and brighten hislife - as well as fill Flynn in on some important truths about hisparental past. Flynn questions whether Nat really is dying or is justpulling off a scam to get a trip to New Mexico. But in Albuquerque Natmeets up with an old debtor Kruger, now wealthy because of Nat&#x27;sassistance years ago, and in the process of correcting problems withthe past, Flynn&#x27;s true identity is revealed. What began as a raw, nearhostile relationship between Nat and Flynn is transformed in a verytouching manner. <br><br>It is such a pleasure to jump into the trip and go along with thisentertaining ride with Walken and Nivola because they are so very finein their roles that we feel like we know them well. The balance betweenhilarity and pathos is excellent and the quality of every aspect ofthis little Indie film is first class. Highly recommended! <br><br>Grady Harp

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Reviewed by napierslogs 9/10

&#x22;$5 a Day&#x22; is a father-son road trip movie. You may think you&#x27;ve seenthat done way too many times before, but it plays out as if it&#x27;scompletely original. This is, quite simply, one of the best indie filmsever. It may not be completely independent as it does have an all-starcast behind it.<br><br>The handsome and completely endearing Alessandro Nivola is Flynn, theson, who is just trying to live a normal life. Christopher Walken,still on top of his game, is Nat, the father, who schemes and lies hisway into living and travelling on just 5 dollars a day. After Flynnloses his job and Nat insists he&#x27;s dying, Flynn agrees to drive hisfather across the country for treatment. There are plenty of hilariouscons and schemes, but also some touching honesty, along the way.<br><br>&#x22;$5 a Day&#x22; is a fantastic dramedy. It is billed as a comedy and it doeshave some low-key humour and many laughs. But by just calling it acomedy, that doesn&#x27;t seem to give the film full credit for thebrilliant character writing. There is a lot of intelligent undertonesin the actions of the characters as they each mature in the journey.And the writer did that with subtlety and humour, no melodrama here.<br><br>This film was done better than I ever thought a relationship road tripmovie could be done. I laughed all of the way, just enjoying thecharacters, and I didn&#x27;t find all of the subtle lessons onrelationships until after it was over. Walken and Nivola had greatchemistry and completely won me over. I now expect them to play fatherand son in all of their future movies.

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Reviewed by merklekranz 6/10

Christopher Walken and Alessandro Nivola are Father and Son schemingand scamming their way from New Jersey to New Mexico. Much like &#x22;Houseof Games&#x22; and &#x22;The Grifters&#x22;, this road odyssey plays like a house ofmirrors. In other words, very little is exactly as it seems. Walken isestranged from his son because his irresponsibility landed Nivola injail. Together they mend fences, while still working the angles alongthe road. Rarely have two characters been so unsympathetic, and yetsomewhat sympathetic at the same time. If you enjoy road movies aboutrebuilding relationships, &#x22;$5 a Day&#x22; just might work for you. I know Ienjoyed the ride. - MERK

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