30 Rock: A One-Time Special


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Reviewed by roseannday 3

Rather than a reunion episode, this is simply a commercial for NBC's Peacock streaming service. Yes, it's nice to see the cast again, but that's not enough to make this montage worth watching.

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Reviewed by thm-17533 1

This is an insult that leaves a stain on a great series. 80% commercial for Peacock , 20% horrible script and non storyline.

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Reviewed by Barry0169 3

I usually fast forward through the commercials. If I had done that with this, I wouldn't have seen anything. The entire show was an ad for Peacock -- so much so that several times when they cut to an actual commercial, I couldn't tell the difference. The after the credits bloopers and outtakes were funnier than the rest of the show combined. A real waste of time.

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