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Reviewed by xaocam-77480 5

Not a bad flick, but not noteworthy either. The effects were decent and gave it a proper sci-fi setting. The Dialogue was wanting, and to be honest, too much crying going on, far too much! It is one of those sci-fis were you have to ignore the science, just accept the plot holes the inaccuracies make. The acting was pretty stiff. It tried hard and probably the effects were the best feature of the film - which is a bit worrying. All in all though, still gets a 5 for a Sunday afternoon which is a pass and not a complete fail

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Reviewed by rizvee_4 1

Scientists can't keep trees alive in the laboratory but they can invent a time machine? This movie is a joke. Don't even want to go into low budget, low quality acting

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Reviewed by mstanton-90848 1

Acting is stiffer than a priest at a boys school. Poorly directed, edited and written.Will kill 2 hours if you have run out of garbage to watch.

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