2001: A Space Odyssey


Adventure / Sci-Fi

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Reviewed by Simon Booth 10

Sometimes reading the user comments on IMDB fills me with despair for the species. For anybody to dismiss 2001: A Space Odyssey as &quot;boring&quot; they must have no interest in science, technology, philosophy, history or the art of film-making. Finally I understand why most Hollywood productions are so shallow and vacuous - they understand their audience.<br/><br/>Thankfully, those that cannot appreciate Kubrick&#39;s accomplishment are still a minority. Most viewers are able to see the intelligence and sheer virtuosity that went into the making of this epic. This is the film that put the science in &quot;science fiction&quot;, and its depiction of space travel and mankind&#39;s future remains unsurpassed to this day. It was so far ahead of its time that humanity still hasn&#39;t caught up.<br/><br/>2001 is primarily a technical film. The reason it is slow, and filled with minutae is because the aim was to realistically envision the future of technology (and the past, in the awe inspiring opening scenes). The film&#39;s greatest strength is in the details. Remember that when this film was made, man still hadn&#39;t made it out to the moon... but there it is in 2001, and that&#39;s just the start of the journey. To create such an incredibly detailed vision of the future that 35 years later it is still the best we have is beyond belief - I still can&#39;t work out how some of the shots were done. The film&#39;s only notable mistake was the optimism with which it predicted mankind&#39;s technological (and social) development. It is our shame that the year 2001 did not look like the film 2001, not Kubrick&#39;s.<br/><br/>Besides the incredible special effects, camera work and set design, Kubrick also presents the viewer with a lot of food for thought about what it means to be human, and where the human race is going. Yes, the ending is weird and hard to comprehend - but that&#39;s the nature of the future. Kubrick and Clarke have started the task of envisioning it, now it&#39;s up to the audience to continue. There&#39;s no neat resolution, no definitive full stop, because then the audience could stop thinking after the final reel. I know that&#39;s what most audiences seem to want these days, but Kubrick isn&#39;t going to let us off so lightly.<br/><br/>I&#39;m glad to see that this film is in the IMDB top 100 films, and only wish that it were even higher. Stanley Kubrick is one of the very finest film-makers the world has known, and 2001 his finest accomplishment. 10/10.

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Reviewed by drn5 10

For all those bewildered by the length and pace of this film (&quot;like, why does he show spaceships docking for, like, 15 minutes?&quot;), here&#39;s a word you might want to think about:<br/><br/>Beauty.<br/><br/> Beauty is an under-rated concept. Sure, you&#39;ll often see nice photography and so on in films. But when did you last see a film that contains beauty purely for the sake of it? There is a weird belief among cinemagoers that anything which is not plot or character related must be removed. This is depressing hogwash. There is nothing wrong with creating a beautiful sequence that has nothing to do with the film&#39;s plot. A director can show 15 minutes of spaceships for no reason than that they are beautiful, and it is neither illegal nor evil to do so. <br/><br/> &#39;2001&#39; requires you to watch in a different way than you normally watch films. It requires you to relax. It requires you to experience strange and beautiful images without feeling guilty that there is no complex plot or detailed characterization. Don&#39;t get me wrong, plots and characters are good, but they&#39;re not the be-all and end-all of everything. There are different KINDS of film, and to enjoy &#39;2001&#39; you must tune your brain to a different wavelength and succumb to the pleasure of beauty, PURE beauty, unfettered by the banal conventions of everyday films.<br/><br/> &quot;All art is quite useless&quot; - Oscar Wilde.

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Reviewed by Manthorpe 10

A review I have put off for far too long....<br/><br/>Bluntly, 2001 is one of the best science-fiction films made to date, if not the very best. Stanley Kubrick was a genius of a film maker and this is one of his very best works. And although it is misunderstood by many, and respectively underrated, it is considered one of the best films of all time and I&#39;ll have to agree. Back in 1968, no one had done anything like this before, and no one has since. It was a marvel of a special effects breakthrough back then, and seeing how the effects hold up today, it is no wonder as to why. The film still looks marvelous after almost forty years! Take note CGI people. Through the use of large miniatures and realistic lighting, Kubrick created some of the best special effects ever put on celluloid. This aspect alone almost single-handedly created the chilling void of the space atmosphere which is also attributed to the music and realistic sound effects. I can&#39;t think of another film where you can&#39;t here anything in space, like it is in reality. Not only is the absence of sound effects in space realistic, it is used cleverly as a tool to establish mood, and it works flawlessly.<br/><br/>Aside from the magnificent display of ingenious special effects, there are other factors that play a part in establishing the feel of the film. The music played, all classical, compliment what the eyes are seeing and make you feel the significance of man&#39;s journey through his evolution from ape to space traveler.<br/><br/>The story, while seemingly simple, is profound. Sequentially, several mysterious black monoliths are discovered and basically trigger certain events integral to the film. What are they? Where did they come from? What do they do? These are all questions one asks oneself while watching the story develop and is asked to find his own way. While most come away with a general idea of what took place in the story, each individual will have to decide what it means to them. Any way one decides to answer these question results in profound solutions. It&#39;s not left entirely up to interpretation, but in some aspects it is. Experience it for more clarification. The end result is quite chilling, no matter your personal solution.<br/><br/>While it is a long film, and sometimes slows down, it has to be in order to accurately portray the journey of man. It&#39;s not a subject that would have faired well in a shorter film, faster paced feature. Those with short attention spans need not apply.<br/><br/>Last but not least, is the epitome of a remorseless antagonist, HAL 9000, the computer. Never has a machine held such a chilling screen presence. Which reminds me, for a film with such profound ambition and execution, there is surprisingly little dialogue. Another sign of Kubrick&#39;s genius.<br/><br/>All in all, one of the best films made to date and one of the very best science fiction films made. A personal favorite. Everyone must see this film at least once.<br/><br/>Very highly recommended.

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