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Reviewed by Mogelberg 2

What an utter waste of time. I wouldn&#39;t even call it a film school project, but rather a high school level project. The idea itself I suppose is OK; the execution just awful. <br/><br/>If I have to write ten lines of text about the movie, I will say that the story is awful, the acting is even worse, and the fact that it has been shot on an iPhone just doesn&#39;t make it any more interesting. I wonder if the inspiration came from the Blair Witch Project, which, frankly, I also found to be a pretty awful movie, in spite of the cult status it attained. <br/><br/>I suppose the 15 ratings it has received prior to mine, must have been from friends and family of the crew (or the crew themselves) trying to do them a favour, otherwise it is beyond me how anybody would rate this utter waste of time above 5, even if you are a fan of the genre. <br/><br/>I really wish I had not spent a bit more than an hour watching it, and I hope that my review may serve as a warning to anyone considering watching it.

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Reviewed by Roxannen-3 7

I have to admit I was unsure about watching this film, but after hearing that it was shot entirely on iphone6 I had to see it for myself. It definitely took me for a ride. I didn&#39;t know this film was a comedy until I watched it. It had me laughing all the way through but also had me cringing at my seat due to the awkward moments of Hunter Johnson&#39;s character Spencer. The film suddenly gets more serious when Lara Jean Mummert&#39;s character Jennifer appears. Her and Dave Coupe as Mack are impeccable together. I don&#39;t want to say to much but give this film a chance. It&#39;s fun, awkward, and well shot for an iPhone film. Very impressed, great job guys!!!!!!

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Reviewed by sathyanarayana-88337 1

Horrible movie, only good thing is we learn how bad it can be if you choose to film a movie on a mobile phone without any experience in making movie. It would get an F even as a high school project..

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