12 Feet Deep


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Reviewed by Shelpa 7

1 glass of wine in and I decided to give this one a go. Before I go any further I have to admit that I suffer from a fear of underwater drains. Anything man made underwater actually.. drains, lights, windows.. they all give me the heebie jeebie&#39;s. I have been this way as long as I can remember and I can no longer swim in pools. Google it, it isn&#39;t just me.<br/><br/>I&#39;m not sure why this movie is getting so much hate. I totally enjoyed it. For a movie that had to be carried by only 2 actors and had only one setting it was done really well. It was also a very original idea and that is always something that I am looking for. The acting was great and I thought that the characters acted exactly as they should.<br/><br/>I read all of the reviews before watching and I don&#39;t agree with any of them. This isn&#39;t the most awesome thing this year and it isn&#39;t the worst. If you are looking for a big budget, action packed movie this isn&#39;t for you. If you want a slow burn thriller then give it a go.

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Reviewed by rickleo123 7

A very interesting and original little thriller. I definitely was pulled in by the acting and the tension. Was following the sister&#39;s journey and hoping they find a way out. It makes good use of the limited set, the pool and the small gap of air between the surface and the pool cover provide plenty of chilling close-ups of the women&#39;s failing faces as they come to grips with their surreal reality. Estranged already, we learn of a bitterness between them stemming from years of opposing paths begun by a tragedy in their youth that haunts them to this day The muted blue tones of the pool help keep some desperation and the dialogue, which is crucial since there is–by extension of the premise–nearly no action, is mostly compelling, though the entire setup edges a little too close to metaphorical.

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Reviewed by hobbes_mark 7

Like most trapped thrillers it is all about what drama you can get with the barest of bones. In that sense, 12 FEET is solid, well crafted minimalist film making and a heart wrenching movie experience to boot. It is gripping, moving, frustrating, and if you&#39;re claustrophobic then it&#39;s terrifying too. Oh yeah, and it all takes place inside a swimming pool. Two sisters visit a public pool the eve before a long holiday weekend. One loses her engagement ring in the pool so both swim down for it. Unaware the sisters are still under the water, the manager closes the fiberglass covering, trapping the sisters underneath. The movie limits itself to an astounding extent, but makes the most out of what it has, creating an incredible experience. How much can you really expect from a movie that takes place in a pool with only two people? The story delivers a lot more than you would expect from this scenario. It has all the right elements to make it as enthralling with very little action or vfx. To start off, the director Eskandari does a great job directing his limited space. He miraculously pulls off a lot of great shots and brilliant claustrophobic nuances. He directs with enough skill to keep the movie interesting in its entirety. The story never felt lagged or drawn out and every moment where it would have slowed down it would throw a great twist or shocking character revelation that drew you right back in.<br/><br/>While the visual directing gives the film plenty of life, Alexandra Park and NJ No one&#39;s stalwart performances really drive the heavy emotions of the film. They deliver top notch performances, that carry the film&#39;s narrative and are both truthful and harrowing. I really felt for these two sisters.<br/><br/>This isn&#39;t a groundbreaking thriller but sometimes it is nice to witness how effective cinema can be with so little. During the finale you will want nothing more than to know the fate of these two sisters, and when you finally do learn it, it is unexpected but satisfying.

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