100% Wolf


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Reviewed by ann-04216 3

Then put it all in a purple carton box with this movie's title on a side and you will get this animation, for this picture is 100% Stolen

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Reviewed by ahannelly 10

Great movie, great family fun........more like this please!

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Reviewed by JohnKrabel 9

Something in there for everyone; the animation is great, storytelling is very fun and the voice acting is awesome. The movie is very quick paced, which compliments both the colourful, exciting visuals as well as the energetic performances of the actors - I have a massive soft spot for Rhys Darby and Magda Szubanski! There's also the added bonus of Australian accents being used in the movie in a natural way.100% Wolf in every way achieves it's goal of delivering a fun romp for kids, not without an earnest dose of heart (I got a bit teary at times). Plus the dogs are effin cute!Definitely recommend, will be checking it out again!

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