YTS.GS is the REAL YTS domain for a new YIFY group

YTS.GS is the result of our effort to reinstate the old YTS style website, and restore the YIFY release group content for the fans of YIFY, by the fans of YIFY. If YIFY fans want to continue in the tradition of, YTS.GS is the new brand to follow.

21st of October 2015: goes down. The sudden disappearance of YTS has been quite a mystery: there haven't been any announcements on the site, on their twitter, facebook page, or anywhere else.

4th of November 2015: MPAA confirms that they are behind the shutdown of

5th of November 2015: operator signed a deal with MPAA to avoid a lawsuit, most probably involving information sharing. Also the domain name has been transferred to the MPAA.

The people we talked with expressed their particular concerns about the loss of the new movies that the YIFY release group would have contributed to YIFY fans over the years, through the YTS website. So we felt like we had to take action.

YTS.GS has been born by combining all these different data sets, sanitizing the data, and recovering a large amount of the torrents uploaded by YIFY. We are a new team / releasing group continuing the YTS / YIFY project. So, we have created the domain name YTS.GS for publishing all of our newly released torrents, under YIFY release.

Our new team is continuing the YTS / YIFY project by releasing new movies daily (720p, 1080p and 3D) at the same quality and size like the previous YIFY team. The audio on our new releases is improved (now encoding to 128kbps comparing to 96kbps on old ones), plus we can safely say that even the video is a bit better.

We can guarantee you 100% that it is safe to download both previous YIFY releases and new releases from YTS.GS. The torrents are malware-free and the website has no ads at all.

Author - YTS Group